Blemish Repair | Invisible


Stop picking and popping – suck out the bad pimple gunk with Blemish Repair Invisible Pimple Patches. Like a suction cup, for your pimple.

Included: 30 one-time use Hydrocolloid pimple patches


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Blemish Repair Hydrocolloid Pimple Patches

Literally, Suck out the bad gunk

The non-invasive sucking power of hydrocolloid pulls out blemish gunk and helps to heal your skin in the process. Stop picking and popping and prevent post inflammatory hyperpigmentation with Evanish’s Blemish Repair patches. No need for harsh products that dry out your skin and ruin your skin barrier.


Blemish Repair is a hydrocolloid pimple patch used as a gentle acne spot remover applied directly to your pimple.
The hydrocolloid patch works on acne blemishes by creating a protective seal over the skin, while absorbing excess fluid such as oil and pus, flattening spots faster and reducing inflammation/skin redness.
No need for harsh acne spot treatments that dry out your skin and ruin your skin barrier. Finally, a solution that helps prevent new pimples from forming by eliminating the spread of popped pimple bacteria.
REPAIR: Apply patch onto freshly washed and dried blemish
RELAX: Sit back and let your blemish evanish into the night
REMOVE: Gently remove patch and throw away
REPEAT: Wear 6 – 24hours, repeat as needed
Blemish Repair is most effective when the blemish contains fluid to pull from. Blemishes remain protected when makeup is applied over the hydrocolloid patches as they are thin, flexible, and waterproof.
100% Medical Grade Hydrocolloid
Evanish’s Blemish Repair Hydrocolloid patches enable the skin to heal in a sealed and moist environment, speeding up the natural healing process and preventing scarring. Hydrocolloid patches act as a second skin as they protect the blemish—preventing touching of the face (which can introduce bacteria and other external contaminants) or picking at the spot, which can increase inflammation and slow healing.

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Blemish Repair Hydrocolloid patches are different than the rest

Hydrocolloid patches have been used
since the 1970's by doctors for wound care. Finally, an acne treatment made easy.