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Wrinkle Repair is a reusable Silicone under eye mask with a mission: to naturally hydrate, plump, and depuff your delicate eye area. In one-step, stick and place Wrinkle Repair and let the silicone gel do its magic.

Included: 1 pair of reusable silicone patches



skincare patch for forehead wrinkles


  • Silicone patches for wrinkles help to naturally plump and smooth facial lines
  • Depuff and hydrate tired, dehydrated eyes
  • Wrinkle Repair Silicone Patches create an occlusion over the skin, keeping hydration in place without evaporating. 
  • Helps skin’s natural microbiome repair itself by retaining hydration and  boosting collagen production
  • Skin barrier repairing silicone patches allow products to penetrate deeper
  • With a firm but gentle compression of skin, the silicone patch smooths lines while preventing muscle movement. Think injections minus the needle.
REPAIR – Remove blue backing and discard. Apply adhesive side to freshly washed and dried skin, free of creams and oils.
RELAX- Sit back and let your wrinkles evanish into the night during sleep or other inactivity. Minimum wear 2 hours, maximum wear 20 hours.
REMOVE- Gently remove patch. Rinse with cold water to remove any residue. To reactivate adhesive, wash with oil free, clear soap. Air dry.
REPEAT- Store dry silicone patch on protective sheet, adhesive side down. Place back in box, safe from dust. Best results when worn nightly for longer periods of time.
RESULTS- In as little as one use, you’ll notice visible hydration of fine lines. Use nightly to smooth existing wrinkles while preventing new ones from forming.
100% Medical Grade Silicone


Silicone gel contains long chain silicone polymers which cross chain with silicone dioxide. Medical professionals use this material for scars to reduce unwanted texture, color and raised scar height by modulating the expression of growth factors.*
Read these studies on Silicone patches effectively plumping and smoothing skin
USA made
Never second guess what's really touching your skin. Sourced and manufactured in the US.


Think injections, minus the needle.
Gentle but effective adhesive
Wrinkle Repair stays put during sleep and doesn't move out of place.


Increase hydration, smooth skin, compress wrinkles all with a one step, single ingredient, reusable Wrinkle Repair patch.

Wake up and depuff tired eyes

IMAGINE A nightly skincare routine that doesn’t require layering numerous products. One that lets you dive into your cozy, warm bed after applying only ONE skincare product… Just one! It’s time to elevate your sleep game.
By creating an occlusion over the surface and bringing moisture from deeper layers to the top layer of skin, you’ll be left with a more hydrated, smoother complexion
Evanish Skincare is about creating inclusive and accessible skincare for all skin types

The science* behind silicone patches and why they work.

Silicone patches have been used by doctors for decades to smooth skin.
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